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Why do you need to plan your move?

photo of two people moving boxesWhen you are moving, it all sounds very simple. You find a new place, set a date for leaving your old home, throw your things into a few boxes and go. It all sounds very straightforward.

The truth is that moving is a little more complicated than this, which is why you need to compile a moving checklist. When you plan to leave one property there are people who will need to be informed before you go, such as your utility company and landlord. When you move into the new property, you also need to make sure that you inform the utility companies there. This is just one of the tasks that you will have to complete.

Other people wonder why having a packing checklist is a good idea. The fact is that we all have much more stuff than we think. Even if your home is fairly uncluttered, you will be surprised just what you find in closets and drawers and how much space this all takes up in your packing boxes. Packing will always take longer than you think. As this is a good time to get rid of things that you no longer want, it makes sense to start the process well in advance of moving day.

You also need to make plans if you are hiring a moving company. The moving professionals will not be happy if they arrive at your home to find that you are not ready to go, which is why using moving company packing services is often a good idea.


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