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Who to Notify About Your Office Move

Let the right people know your moving officeMoving your office can be a huge production and missing even the smallest of details could put your company at risk.  Why would you want to waste time and money during a commercial relocation if you don’t need to?  We’ve put together a list of who you need to notify about your office move.  Keep this list handy – you’ll thank us later.

  • The Utility Companies.  You’ll need to let the gas, electricity, and water companies all know about your relocation unless these expenses are covered in your new lease.  In order to make a seamless transition, you’ll need to let these companies know of the date you want the service switched.
  • Service Companies.  If you employ janitorial and trash removal companies, you will need to let them know your office is moving.  You should also let your alarm company know if the current building manager does not handle it.  Furthermore, you may need to let the fire department know.
  • Computer & Equipment Companies.  If you have an office filled with computers, chances are you employ the services of certain vendors that are responsible for servicing those machines.
  • Building Management.  If the building manager does not supply you with the keys for your new office space, you’ll need to meet with a locksmith before you move.  This way, you’ll have enough keys and an organized system.
  • Insurance Companies.  Don’t forget to let your insurance company know where your office is moving to.
  • Post Office.  About a week before your move, fill out your change of address form at the post office to ensure that your company doesn’t miss any mail. 
  • Your Customers.  Remember, without your customers you don’t have a company.  So, let them know where you move!

Lance Grooms

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