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What’s the Difference Between Self-Storage and Full-Service Storage?

What’s the Difference Between Self-Storage and Full-Service Storage?Deciding between self-storage and full-service storage is a decision many of us must make, especially during times of relocation.  Perhaps you are moving overseas for a temporary period and can’t take all of your stuff with you.  Maybe you’ve bought a new house and must move into a temporary rental while the construction wraps up.  It doesn’t matter why you need the storage.  What matters is which storage solution works best for you.
So, what is the difference between self-storage and full-service storage?  It basically all comes down to accessibility.

When you lease a self-storage facility, it means that you will be able to access the storage unit anytime you want.  This is because you will be using your own lock on the storage unit’s door and will be keeping the key.  Full-service storage facilities do not allow you full access.  However most full-service storage companies will allow you to get items from storage if you give them proper notice. 

There are definitely pros and cons to choosing one type of storage facility over the other.  If you want flexibility and free reign to access your stuff whenever you want, a self-storage facility might be your best bet.  If you are going to be overseas or do not need access to the items for an extended amount of time and want to make sure your items are as safe as possible, you may want to go with the full-service storage solution.  Of course moving Internationally is not the only time you’d want to consider full-service storage.  There are many other scenarios that individuals choose that option.  Good luck!

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