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What to do as moving day nears

Moving is inevitable at some point in your life, as are all the chores that go along with it.  Although chaos often seems to come hand in hand with moving, this does not necessarily have to be the case.  There are a number of essential tasks that have to be completed and the sooner you get started on them the better; however, some tasks cannot be achieved until fairly late in the day. One of the tasks that needs to wait until the last week prior to the day of the move is preparing your moving papers. 

You should print out an information sheet for your moving company that contains your old and new address, your cell phone number and directions.  You should have a credit card or a cashier’s check on hand, as well as some cash for the purpose of tipping. In the last week prior to moving day you need to finish packing.  Put your remaining items into boxes, putting aside enough clothes to last for the next week or so, and a couple of suitcases to transport them.  You will also need to set aside a box for all of your day-to-day necessities such as bedding, toiletries, basic tools, medications, snacks, a coffee pot, towels, toilet paper, cleaning supplies, dishes and utensils, and mugs and coffee. Make sure that your moving company staff will be greeted by someone who can oversee them and answer any questions when they arrive at your new home.


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