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US military out at sea to stop Iran

US military out at sea to stop IranOfficials have stated that the US military has moved closer to Iran.  The move was made due to US military reaction against the attempt of Iran to close the Strait of Hormuz.  The US stated it was a move meant to say ‘don’t even try it’.  Closing the strait would not be a good thing for surrounding countries or the US.  It is a shipping strait that commercial shippers use.  If fast boats come out to harass these commercial ships, the US Navy is prepared for a military move to stop it.  One comment even stated that the Navy is prepared to sink fast boats that want to harass commercial ships.

The US Navy has moved in ships that are considered minesweepers, meaning that they take out any mines that might be in the strait that could damage the ships.  Already they have sent out ships to eight areas and will also send out an amphibious landing craft.  Iran wants to test medium range missiles, which is another reason that it is trying to close the strait.  Israel has already been upset with Iran over the nuclear weapon facility, which the Iranians deny.  Israel is currently ready to take on Iran should it make any nuclear move or close the strait.

Israel is waiting to see if diplomacy works, but it is certainly getting ready for battle should it fail.  The US is encouraging Israel to hold off until a new embargo can be signed, but there are talks that this will not be successful.

Lance Grooms

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