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US military envoy to go with diplomats

US military envoy to go with diplomatsThere is a US military envoy heading to Israel to protect diplomats.  The military moved out this week to make certain that the diplomats would be safe while talking with Israeli leaders about the tensions in Iran.  The envoy stated that it is definitely willing to use military force if necessary.  This military move would come about based on the need to stop Iran from creating any nuclear weapons, which is what Israel is most worried about.

Ambassador Daniel Shapiro stated that it is preferable to have a diplomatic solution rather than one that will move the military back into the Middle East and create more tension.  The US is certainly willing to understand the small country’s point of view.  Israel is small with a military of its own, but that does not mean that it has enough power to stop Iran being a bigger country with more power.  The Ambassador also promised that the military is already moved into a position to be there.  It is not just ready, but ready to go.  It does not have to waste a moment if there is a decision to try and cut off the entire underground nuclear base.

Iran is perhaps not feeling the full force of the military or even worrying over much, since North Korea managed to go ahead with a test launch of military nuclear weapons last month.  Of course, the launch was unsuccessful but the US was unable to stop it and even South Korea could not have much say as neighbors.

Lance Grooms

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