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US Military divers helping out Guam

US Military divers helping out GuamThere are a lot of talks about the military moving into Guam.  Guam is currently a United States Territory in the Pacific Ocean.  If the military were to move into this area they would still be close enough to Asia should conditions worsen between North and South Korea; however, there are still talks on the table to keep most of the military in Japan at the Okinawa locations, despite the agreement being over from World War II.  Now it looks as though the military move needs to be closer to Guam in terms of its research divers.

There are issues with a devaluation of the ecosystem whereby there are some environmental issues that could threaten the coral reefs of the region along with other biomes.  It is important to look at the ocean and the ecosystem because most of the planet is water.  If the oceans dry up in too many regions with coral reefs there will be less fish, and for countries that exist on a heavy fish diet it can be quite the issue.

The DEIS is working on creating some natural ecosystems in Guam with an aircraft carrier.  The DOD is also a part of the decision whereby it has contracted out to gain information about Apra Harbor and whether this method of helping sustain the coral reefs is the right one, considering what it would take for the ecosystem to take hold on the ship if it were to be sunk.

Lance Grooms

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