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US military changes in the Middle East

More than ten years have passed now since the incident on 9/11 that brought us to war in the Middle East.  US troops have been relocating from the area since the beginning of 2012, but things are still uncertain over there and back home.  Each year military moves occur where families are uprooted and relocated to a new base.  It is due to the need for shuffling personnel around to the bases they will be most useful at.  Now there is a question of whether or not to reduce the military expenses in terms of bringing the troops back home, and also to keep the defenses up.  At any time things could prove difficult in the Middle East, requiring action from the US military again.

As an example, the death of Saudi Arabia’s Prince Nayef will bring a new crown prince to the throne.  In recent years relationships with Saudi Arabia have been good, but the wrong choice in successor could change things drastically with regard to the US military’s move towards an alliance, such as has existed for the past couple of years.  There are additionally factors in terms of military relocation budget versus budgeting for necessary issues in the Middle East.  Unmanned drones and other weapons could be sacrificed, leaving troops to quietly enter countries rather than a sneak attack with weapons.  US Congress and top military personnel have spoken many times regarding the issues in the Middle East and what can be done to keep the defenses up.

Rick Wozniak

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