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US military busy in Afghanistan

US military busy in AfghanistanFighting in Kabul has had the US military, British, German and Russian military reacting.  About 11 police officers, 19 insurgents and five civilians were killed with the attacks Sunday in Afghanistan’s capital.  Fighting lasted for seven hours when the US, German, Russian and British Embassies, parliament and NATO headquarters were all attacked.  The government stated that Afghan security forces surrounded the locations in order to stop the Taliban from breaking through and doing more damage to the foreign soil.  The attacks were also responsible for causing panic and fear throughout the city of Kabul.

The US military movements were inside the gates in order to help guard against the attacks.  They also worked hard to help out in the areas that were most affected by the carrying wounded and helping as many as possible to escape from the attacks.  The attacks were lead by two suicide bombers.  The intention behind the entire attack was to assassinate VP Mohammad Karim Khalili, though luckily this did not happen.

The attacks may see more from the US military and other foreign military powers in the country.  Forces may be moved out with new relief coming in to help prevent more attacks, or be on hand to help the forces already there as well as the government.  It will certainly take time to help feel that the diplomatic missions are working or to re-evaluate the situation given the most recent attacks in the city of Kabul.

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