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Two to four months before office relocation

Two to four months before office relocationNumerous things need to be taken care of before you undertake an office move.  It is essential that you prepare well so that you are ready for the necessary steps when they need to be followed, such as those that need to happen two to four months before your office move.
It is best during the two to four months before your business relocation to hire professional movers.  A professional moving company with full service options, such as packing, crating, hauling and storage, will make it easy for you to get the move completed in the allotted time without having to worry overmuch about the different aspects of the packing process.  If you have a full team to make certain that everything is packed and moved then you do not have to worry about the heavy lifting or actual move.  You do need to speak with the moving company several months before the business relocation to ensure that it is available to help you with your move.
Additionally, make certain that your internet, telephone and other communications are transferred or in the process of being transferred.  You do not want to lose out on calls or communications because you are waiting for the transfer to take place.  If you need any new equipment or office furniture, it is best to order it at least two months prior to your move.  In this way you have the furniture you want on order and to be delivered the day before the rest of your office gets to your new office, or after you have moved in.  With furniture and large office supplies, it is always best to get the new items in first.
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