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Tips for student packing

Packing If you are planning to head off to college, you need to have a good idea what you will be taking with you. A lot will depend upon your accommodation. Most dorm rooms will offer you basic facilities and you do not need to worry about items such as furniture; however, there are everyday essentials that you should consider just in case.

First of all consider whether you will need anything for cooking or simply for making basic snacks and drinks. Mugs, glasses, a few plates and some cutlery may be needed. You might also consider taking a kettle and toaster, but don’t overdo it. You may be sharing with another person who has also taken these items along; however, you are better off with more than you need than less, even though most students prefer to eat out.

Most people want to take along items such as posters and drapes when they move to college so that they can personalize their room a little. Find out in advance whether there are any regulations about this. A bright rug for the floor can help to make a lot of difference to what will often be a very bland room when you arrive.

You need to plan carefully what you will be taking with you. You do not need to take everything you own and for most college students it is just items such as essential clothes and books. If you start to pack too much, you may end up needing a moving company truck to shift it all!


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