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Tips for Storing Photos Long-Term

Everyone has boxes of old photos that they want to keep and if you are putting your possessions into storage for any length of time then you need to make sure that your photos are going to survive the experience. There are a number of different things you can do to make sure that your photographs stay in good condition.

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Most moving company storage facilities have climate control, which will help prevent any damage. If you are not sure whether your storage facility is climate controlled then you will need to ask, as keeping a constant temperature and lower levels of humidity are important.

Remember that some of your older photos are going to be irreplaceable. If you have any photos that are starting to show signs of rot then you need to take these out and store them separately. Look for signs such as a vinegar-type smell and evidence of mold. Any photos that you think are damaged in this way can be packed in their own box so they do not affect the photos that are in good condition.

Photos should not come into contact with each other. Before packing your photos up ready to go into moving company storage you should put them in albums or use acid-free paper to keep individual photos separated in the box, and make sure that you take the same care with any negatives. It is important that only acid-free packing materials are used so that you can avoid any damage to the photos. Materials such as these can often be picked up at photography and craft stores.

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