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Tips for packing for college

cardboard-boxWhen you are packing to go away to college it can be tempting to simply throw everything into a few boxes and go; however, this could lead to you arriving with damaged items.

When you are packing items such as books and DVDs you should make sure that these are packed in small boxes so they are easy to lift; books in particular can be very heavy. Books should be stacked so that the spines are facing the outside of the box and you should make sure that you fill as much of the space in the box as you can.

For clothes it is a good idea to pick up a few under-bed storage boxes, as these will be useful to you when you get to the other end. Put as many of your clothes in these as you can and delicate items can be wrapped within the clothes for added protection. You can also opt for a wardrobe box, which means you can simply hang your clothes as you would in your own wardrobe.

Moving to college might also mean that you want to take one or two electrical items with you. If you are taking a TV or computer monitor then you need to pack them carefully. These items can be wrapped in packing blankets and then taped up, but if you have the original packaging then it is a good idea to make use of this. If you are using a moving company it may be able to provide you with suitable boxes for items such as these and other small appliances.

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