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Tips for Moving Your Plasma Television

Moving Your Plasma TVLet’s face it, that plasma television set you’ve got probably wasn’t cheap.  In fact, you may consider it an investment!  So why risk damaging it during your move?  Follow these tips when it comes time to move your plasma TV and you likely won’t need to pay for a new television after you move.

  • Make sure you have some help moving the television.  It’s a lot heavier than you think.
  • Cover the television with some moving blankets to protect it as you move it.
  • Use moving straps over the padding so that it is easier to handle.
  • Line the floor with extra padding and use packing tape to secure the blankets on the television.  Don’t put the tap directly on the TV!
  • At least two people should lift the television.
  • It is critical to keep the television set in the upright position during the entire move.
  • If the television is extremely heavy, use a moving dolly or an appliance truck.  This will be especially helpful if you must negotiate stairs.
  • If stairs are involved, ALWAYS keep the bottom of the TV pointing down with the screen leaning back.
  • Always place the television set inside the moving truck in a location where it won’t move.  If you still have its original box and packing, use it.
  • Keep sharp objects and furniture corners away from the screen.

– Jon Huser

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