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Tips for choosing an office moving company

Office MoveIf you need to move offices then you are likely to need some professional help. Professional movers are always going to be the best option, but how do you find the right company for your relocation?

The first thing you should do is talk to a few other companies that have recently moved ‒ most people will know somebody whose employer has relocated. Find out which companies they used, why they chose them, and whether there were any problems. From this information you can create a shortlist of office moving companies to talk to about your move.

It is a good idea to talk to more than one company because you need to hire the one that can cover all your bases. There may be one company that has moved many businesses in the past but it could be that it cannot handle any large-scale equipment you have; alternatively, it might be that you need short-term storage and some moving companies cannot offer you the service you need.

Once you have spoken at length to different moving companies, look at the quotes you have been given and make sure that your budget can cover them. There is often room for negotiation in these matters and you can always offer to change certain aspects of the move. Moving at an off-peak time, for example, might work out cheaper, or you may be able to cut down on what is being moved by having a good clear-out first.


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