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Things to do before leaving your old home

Cleaning surface in bright yellow gloves with sponge and cleaning product on white backgroundIt is very tempting to simply pack up your things and go when you are leaving one home for another. After all, you are thinking more about your new home and the possibilities that it offers; however, there are a few things that you should do before you leave your old home.

The first task is to make sure that you leave the right information for the people who are moving in. If you are leaving appliances behind, make sure that any warranties are on hand for the new occupants. You could also leave information about the local neighborhood. Write a note that tells them where they can find essential groceries, gas stations and restaurants, as well as tips on which places to avoid. The new occupants may be completely new to the area and would appreciate knowing things such as these. Moving house is stressful enough without trying to navigate around a new neighborhood blind.

You should also clean your home after the moving company has finished taking out your belongings. Pack a box of cleaning products and put it to one side so that it does not end up on the van. When the moving company has left, clean the house before you leave. As each room is emptied you can vacuum and dust, leaving your old home in a presentable state for the new occupants.

This cleaning kit can then be used when you get to your new home. Not everyone will clean before they leave and you will be prepared in case the previous tenants were not as conscientious as you were.


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