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The office move – informing suppliers

Office MoveAn important part of any office move is making sure that all suppliers know when you are moving and where you are moving to. It is vital to ensure that you have a complete list of suppliers; otherwise, somebody is going to be left out.

It could be that your IT system will enable you to print off a list of everybody you have obtained services from recently. If possible you should obtain a list covering the last couple of years, as there may be a supplier on the list that you only deal with infrequently. If you just go back a couple of months, such a supplier could be left out of the loop on your office relocation.

A few weeks before the move, make sure that you send out a letter detailing your new address and phone numbers; for those providers you deal with on a regular basis, make a call as well. Remember that the list should include anyone who provides you with utility services, such as electricity and telephone, and companies such as your stationery provider. It could be that you have specialist suppliers, such as a caterer providing buffets for important meetings, and you will also need to let these suppliers know.

Informing your suppliers that you are moving offices is just as important as informing your clients. The idea is not to allow any gaps in service and you need your suppliers in order to continue providing services and products to your clients. Minimize downtime by keeping everyone in the loop.


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