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The moving survey

Survey Concept.The moving survey has nothing to do with making sure that your new property is in good structural condition; instead, it is the survey carried out by the moving company when you ask for a quote for shipping your belongings to your new home.

This is something that professional movers always do. They will come out to your home and check what possessions you have and what you want moved. They will take into account anything that you have tucked away in the attic and garage and will put together a price based on the amount of possessions that need to be moved and the distance they are to be transported.

During the survey it is up to you to make sure that the movers have all the information they need. It could be that you have some fragile items that you would prefer are packed by the movers – make sure they know about these. Make sure they are also aware of any particularly heavy or awkward items so that they can arrange for specialist moving equipment if needed.

The moving survey will also look at access to your property. It may be that you have a driveway that the movers can use for their truck; if not, you may need to make arrangements to clear the road at the front of the house on moving day. A quiet word with your neighbors should be enough provided that you are on good terms with them.


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