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The Benefits of a Licensed and Insured Mover

Make sure your move is carried out by a legitimate moving companyMoving your house can be a stressful time.  Hiring a moving company to transport all your belongings safely from A to B, without breakage, loss or even theft, is a worry that is all too common.  So how do you go about finding a reliable and professional residential moving company from among the thousands of moving companies out there?  A company that will not only offer us a first class service, give us value for money and most importantly protect our prized possessions?

All too often people look through online classifieds, but is this the best way to find a reliable and trustworthy moving company?  Looking through long lists of movers, there is always the potential that some shady movers will be listed amongst them.  Low prices might lure you, but does a cheap deal equate with reliability?  Any unscrupulous person or persons can set themselves up as movers.  Or they could just be the naïve unprofessional types, the ones just starting out, who think residential moving is easy – that physical strength is the only requirement.  They might move you for a fraction of the cost but in the long term this might cost you or your business more through damages or loss of property.

Always make sure the residential moving company is both licensed and insured.  Also have a look online and check out their customer reviews.  How many years have they been in operation?  Phone them for a personal chat.  Has anyone you know ever used them?  Word of mouth is by far the most powerful persuader.  You should also check what they charge by the hour, if they want fees upfront and if there are any additional costs.

Lance Grooms

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