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Take a chance to choose a new location for Good Friday

Take a chance to choose a new location for Good FridayGood Friday is the one day a year that you are supposed to have fish for a meal, if you follow certain religions.  Any good Catholic knows that all Fridays should include a fish meal, but Good Friday is one where you should definitely eat a bit of fish.

The trouble with living in places such as Colorado, Kansas, or other landlocked states is being able to get fresh fish that has a great taste.  These landlocked states may have river and lake fish, but for those who are particular about the fish they eat it can be tough to stomach.  Although making a move to a state such as Washington, and in particular the Seattle area, may not work for you because of employment, it is a consideration.  Any coastal town will have the freshest seafood you can purchase, including some of the best fish out there. This may be a bottom feeder, such as the flounder or halibut.

Relocation to a coastal city has plenty of perks besides great fish for Good Friday.  You could move for the enjoyment of the city itself.  Seattle, as an example, offers some of the best farmers’ markets, whale watching, scuba diving, and underground enjoyments.  Seattle is actually built on an old town that you can see under the ground.  A move to a place such as this will definitely keep you busy, especially as you explore other areas of the state after your relocation.

Jon Huser

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