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Simpsons’ home in Oregon

Simpsons’ home in OregonThe Simpsons is a highly popular comedy animation on Fox.  It has been released to the media that Springfield, Oregon is the inspiration behind the animated series.  Anyone who has watched The Simpsons Movie may have picked up on this, given that they drove out of town and managed to make it to Alaska rather quickly. For those who did not pick this up, or wanted confirmation, it is now confirmed.

It may give you the idea to relocate to Oregon if you truly love the show….or maybe not 🙂  Springfield, Oregon is 100 miles south of Portland.  Portland is also Groening’s hometown.  He told Smithsonian Magazine that it was the inspiration behind the choice of town names and places in the show.  Springfield also tends to be one of the most common city names in the USA.  This is why plenty of people who move into Springfield or already live there may feel that the show is about their hometown.  Of course, Groening has left open the fact that Springfield, OR could be another fake, as a means of his running joke.  He has often provided fake information about the hometown he has created for the popular show.  Oregon is certainly a worthy location for a vacation.  Let us know what you think.

Lance Grooms

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