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Returning Children can be a Financial Strain

Returning Children can be a Financial StrainUnemployment has meant many children have moved home again.  The move may be temporary, but it can prove difficult for many families.  A child, whether they are just out of college or several years out of college, can add stress if they move back home.  Most children do not want to relocate to their parents’ place again, but when there is little they can do but relocate home again there are some ground rules to set.

The child should pay rent, according to the experts.  Any child making an income and trying to get back on their feet should pay rent so that they are contributing to the household budget.  It does not mean they need to pay a great deal, but something around $300 can be fair and helpful.  It may also keep the parents from foreclosing.  At the very least the money can help towards expenses, such as the increased heating and food bills.  Children moving back in should have to help with the cooking and dishes, and respect quiet time.

The barter system can also work if the child is unable to pay rent.  Shoveling snow, lawn mowing, painting, cooking, dishes or cleaning can all lead to the barter system where the child helps out in turn for room and board.  If something such as this is impossible for the parent/child relationship, it may be necessary for the child to find an alternative to moving in with their parents.

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