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Remember to Load the Moving Truck Safely

How to Load the Moving Truck SafelyNow that you’ve figured out the right moving truck for your relocation, it’s time for the fun part!  Well, depending on what your idea of “fun” is, you may not really enjoy loading up the moving truck on a do it yourself (DIY) move.  But, loading the truck is a task that is best done safely.  We’ve put together some tips on how to load the moving truck safely and avoid any serious injury or damage to your stuff.

  • Make sure your truck can fit up to 10% more than you actually need to move.  Having extra space is better than not having enough!
  • Don’t forget to rent a couple of dollies ranging in size and some moving straps.  Never overload the dolly and be careful moving it up and down the ramp.
  • Wear the appropriate clothing – that means avoiding loose sleeves or clothing that could get snagged on something.  Good shoes with a good grip and work gloves are also a good idea.
  • Before loading any moving desks, dressers, or cabinets make sure that you remove the drawers.  Put the drawers back in and secure them with tape or straps for the move.  (Don’t forget that as a useful space saver, you can put things inside the drawers, too!)
  • If you’ve got a bicycle, remove the front wheel and let down the handlebars to ensure that the bike won’t move in transit.
  • Towels, pillows, and sofa cushions are great for extra padding.

Of course this is just general rule of thumb, your move and situation may differ.  Good luck!

Jon Huser

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