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Preparing your car for your long distance trip

Preparing your car for your long distance tripMoving from Coppell, Texas on a long distance move will require you to be prepared not only for moving day but also for the road trip you might have to take.  If you hire a moving company you will not need to haul everything with you, but you might need to move a car.  If you have decided not to hire a transport company to move the car for your long distance move, you will definitely need to make certain that your vehicle is ready for that move.

The first thing to do for your car when you are going to move is to get a tune-up.  Make certain that you have the car inspected for any issues it might have or could develop based on its age, make, model and current condition.  Some vehicles have certain issues, such as the VW Bug from 1999 to 2006.  These vehicles have plastic water pumps that tend to break at 80,000 miles.  The point is that even with a moving company to move your belongings, you do not want to get off schedule or stuck halfway through your move because you suddenly break down.

Also make certain that you have everything packed in your car that you will need.  The moving company is not going to follow you, or vice versa.  You need to have clothing, food and personal items with you unless you want to spend extra money on the move buying what you packed in the moving truck.

Jon Huser

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