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Patriot’s Day celebrations take hold

Patriot’s Day celebrations take holdPatriot’s Day may not be a holiday you are familiar with.  It is not a nationally recognized holiday and really only applies to the New England states rather than America as a whole.  Oh, and by the way, it’s the third Monday of April.  It’s this coming Monday the 16th.  At the time of the American Revolutionary War there was a battle to separate from European forces, such as the British and French, to establish America.  This means that much of the west, though somewhat explored, was uninhabited by Europeans, and New England’s 13 states were where much of the fighting occurred.

Boston, MA may be a place you have just moved to for a job.  If that is the case, you can certainly enjoy the Patriot’s Day festivities, such as visiting Old North Church or City Hall Plaza.  If you are considering relocating to Boston or another of the New England states, this weekend may be the best time to explore and learn a little about the history.  There will certainly be quite a few entertainments, but more than anything you can enjoy a weekend trip to New England for a potential move.

New England has an old world charm, especially in some of the smaller hamlets.  You might decide a new job in Boston or the surrounding area is the perfect move for your family if you have the option to relocate.  If not, consider some of the smaller towns where you might be able to find affordable housing and a new job.


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