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Passover brings peace, though short

Passover brings peace, though shortThere are some religious holidays that seem to be able to bring a standstill amongst the fighting.  Military maneuvers in Israel had a cease motion for Passover and Easter.  The High Court of Justice announced that there would also be an evacuation of the Migron outpost on the West Bank.  This will require military relocation of native forces.

Israel and the citizens are going to respect the court’s decision.  It was stated that they would act according to Israeli law during this important religious holiday period, meaning Passover and Easter.  Though there is not an end to the fighting based on which religion is better or which country owns certain land, there is always a way for peace to come about for a short time while the important holiday is upon the citizens of the Middle East.

It is uncertain if the relocation of the outpost will be permanent but at least for the religious holiday, including Passover, there will be no military moving into the outpost, but rather out of it.  The US will also be silent during the religious times as it remains at its posts protecting citizens in the event that something happens, but keeping out of the way while peace is at least given for the religious holiday.  The standstill will hopefully remain in terms of bombings and more deaths; however, as every year there is a small stop during Passover and Easter, the chances are unlikely that it will remain for long afterwards.

Lance Grooms

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