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Packing and storing your items at a storage facility

Packing and storing your items at a storage facilityThere are times when you may need to store extra furniture, household goods or other belongings.  The storage may be temporary as in a couple of months or years.  The key to keeping your items in good condition is to store them properly based on the types of item they are.

For instance, most offices have local office storage that they use for old documents, such as tax papers, that they need to keep for seven years.  Storing paperwork may take manila envelopes and file boxes, but to be on the safe side, choosing climate-controlled storage may be in your business’ best interest.  Even paper documents can be damaged in the wrong facility.

For someone in the military, military relocation may require you to put precious antiques or other family items in storage for a few years.  Anyone undergoing military moving could find themselves overseas for a year or two.  In this instance, using furniture drawers to hold delicate items may not be a good idea unless you first wrap them in bubble wrap or newspaper, obviously depending on the items.  Be careful with any combustible or perishable items since these can endanger the storage facility or become bad over time.  Basically, there are certain items such as paint, chemicals, gas, ammunition and food that should never be stored in a facility.  These items need to be disposed of properly or given to someone else to use or get rid of for you.  See your Moving Consultant for other specifics.


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