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Organizing your move right

Organizing your move rightAny successful move is based on organization.  Check out the moving companies that are available in your area and decide if you need to go with a rental truck.  Moving companies can make things easier on you, but you will pay for their help.  You need to decide if stress is something you can handle, or if you even have time to pack.  Going with a moving company can mean the organization is perfect and your breakable goods are packed up right.

Breakage during relocation is common when you do not pack things right.  Any fragile pieces you will move should be packed up appropriately with bubble wrap.  If you use a moving company, ask about their breakage policy and whether they will take responsibility for packaging everything up.  You may find they are willing to cover you with valuation coverage should something occur due to a packing issue however this may only apply if the company did the packing.  Check with your moving consultant for the specifics about your upcoming move.

Packing that is done by you needs to be completed at least two to three weeks in advance, at least the items you don’t typically use.  In this way you are ready the day the moving company arrives to relocate you.  If you know you are moving in six months, you might want to start getting some of your items packed up now.  What dust catchers are you not using?  What books have you read that can go in a box?  Packing up as much as possible months in advance will make it that much easier when you are getting closer to the moving date.  Hiring the moving company can also be much faster so if you’d like to keep your items on display, consider hiring the movers to do the packing for you.  There are many benefits to this option.

Jon Huser

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