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Office moving advice

Office MoveWhether the office you are planning to move from is big or small, there are a number of steps that need to be taken to ensure that the relocation goes as quickly and efficiently as it possibly can.  Getting organized and following the correct steps are the key to a smooth and successful move.

About a week before the move to a new office you should map out the new area and make sure that you have packed all the necessary items in your office.  All systems should be turned off and boxes labeled with their correct destination.  All information on your office computers should be backed up and your new surroundings carefully scrutinized and examined.

You will need to hand out new access cards and keys to your employees.  Holding meetings with clients or prospective new employees during such a chaotic time is a bad idea, as they might become wary of doing business with you given how messy things are likely to be in your office just before a move.  Make sure that clients are informed early about your unavailability during this time and delegate some employees to guide the moving company.

On the day of the move there should not be too many employees in either your old or current office.  Make certain that there is plenty of food on hand for everyone involved in helping your company to move and do not forget to gather up any old access cards and keys.

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