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NY detective provides relocation funds to suspect

NY detective provides relocation funds to suspectA NY detective provided funds to a witness for the prosecution.  Originally the individual was a suspect in the case of a dead millionaire, but it turns out she will now be a witness for the prosecution.  The individual expressed concern for her safety due to the testifying she would need to do.  A NY detective provided $5,000 in relocation money to the witness for her safety.  The witness was the stepdaughter of the victim.  She was also the daughter of the key suspect in the case.

The funds are an unorthodox method and the detective could be in trouble for providing money to the woman to help her move.  The prosecutor has also asked for additional funds for the woman in order to help her relocate.  There are fears that she may be targeted even after the mother and co-defendant are put in jail.  The case has put the two in jail for the time being until the court case has been completed with a sentencing.  There is definite fear that if the two are not found guilty, the stepdaughter could be in danger.  This is why the relocation funds are being sought.

Furthermore, there is a question of where the woman will move and thus the need for funds to be significant enough for her to start a new life.  The stepdaughter was not found to be involved in the case.  This is why the additional funds may be provided.


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