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Neighborhoods to consider in Brooklyn

Moving to BrooklynIf you are moving to New York then Brooklyn is a popular destination. Within this borough there are a number of different neighborhoods that you can consider for your home and here is some information on a few of these

For a move to New York, the Park Slope area of Brooklyn is ideal for many people. It has attracted young professionals for a number of years and many people consider it the ideal place in which to raise their children. The local schools have a good reputation, or there are private schools nearby if you prefer. The downside is that this is a fairly expensive neighborhood and you will need a robust budget.

An alternative is Windsor Terrace, close to Prospect Park. This is a fairly quiet neighborhood and is considered ideal for families. Some of the homes here date from the turn of the century. Again you may need to pay out more than you had planned; however, this area is worth the additional cost if you can afford it.

You might also consider Gowanus for your relocation to New York. This area is considered very trendy, with lots of loft apartments and restoration to the area. This used to be a busy shipping port; however, the canal has since been cleaned up, leading to much more investment in the area. This neighborhood is also popular with young professionals and is often referred to as the ‘Venice of New York’.


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