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Moving Your Business for the First Time

Make sure you have everything ready for your office move.If you have always conducted business in the same location, moving to a new place can be quite nerve-wracking.  As a business owner, chances are you don’t want any surprises or interruptions in operations during the corporate relocation.  In order to experience a successful first business move, we’ve put together some steps you can take.

  • Plan for your technology.  Before you move into the new commercial space, have an idea of where all data and electrical jacks are, how the new phone system will be installed, and where all the computer equipment will go.  This will typically be handled by your IT department.  If you don’t have an IT department, you may want to hire a moving company that specializes in such services.
  • At least a couple of months before you relocate, plan where all the furniture will go.  Make an outline or sketch.
  • Change your business address in advance.  Send out announcements to clients, vendors, and banks.
  • Check out at least three different moving companies.
  • Plan for utility disconnection and hook-up services at least a month out.
  • Determine what your insurance needs will be for the move.
  • Make sure your employees are aware of their responsibilities during the move such as what they need to box up, disconnect, or label.
  • Let government entities know about your move in advance so that there are no complications in payroll or licensing.
  • Make sure everyone that needs them has keys in advance.
  • Choreograph the move date down to the last detail with the use of checklists, plans, scheduling, and meetings.

– Jon Huser

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