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Moving With Your Pets

moving home with animalsMoving can be hard on the whole family – including your pets.  All too often, relocating families worry about how to handle their children during a move, how to maintain relationships, and find new jobs.  But how much thought actually goes into moving with your pets?  Moving with your pets doesn’t have to be hard or traumatic.  Here’s how to make it as easy as possible:

  • Have your pet examined by his or her veterinarian before you move.  Be sure to obtain copies of medical records and travel with them in case your pet becomes ill or injured.
  • If your vet has given you medication or tranquilizers, test them a few weeks prior to the move to ensure that your pet does not have a reaction.
  • If you are moving internationally, check out what vaccinations your pet will require.  You may want to check into any quarantine regulations as well.
  • If you are flying to your new home, check with the airline to see if your pet can go in the cabin or must be checked into the baggage compartment.
  • When booking hotel accommodations, make sure your pet can stay, too.
  • Always pack an extra supply of your pet’s food and medicine.  Don’t forget extra water for your pet to drink.
  • Make sure your pet’s travel case is the right size and put something with your scent on it inside.
  • Don’t forget the water and food bowls!

When you arrive at your new home, spend some time with your pet there so that he or she can get used to the new surroundings.  Just as you would with your children, make sure you give your pet a little extra love and attention during a move.

– Lance Grooms

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