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Moving to Philadelphia?

PhiladelphiaPhiladelphia is one of the most historically significant cities in the US. Less than 100 miles from New York, there are plenty of great neighborhoods for you to consider if you want to move here. Here are details on just a couple.

A good choice for a move to Philadelphia has to be Chestnut Hill. Situated just north of the downtown area, this is quite an affluent area and homes here range from luxury apartments to townhouses. Cobblestones are a feature on some of the streets and Chestnut Hill has become a great place to live if you enjoy cafe culture, with many cafes and restaurants here. Those who want the outdoor lifestyle will be pleased to know that they are close to Valley Green, where there are plenty of trails suitable for hiking, running and cycling. This particular area is also known for an active community and there are many free events that you can attend each year.

Alternatively there is always Old City for your relocation to Philadelphia. This is one of the most historic neighborhoods in the city and has everything you need, from historic buildings to plenty of shops and nightlife. Most of the homes here are townhouses, but there are also loft apartments. This area is considered a good place for new businesses, with many looking to start up here, especially those based in art and design. This area will suit you if you like walking, although transport such as cabs is readily available.   


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