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Moving from Florida with a pet

Moving from Florida with a petMoving from Tampa, Florida with a pet will require you to think hard about your pet’s adjustment.  Florida is a very warm state, even in winter.  It may get cold during the nights, but most often your pet is going to be comfortable all year round with their current fur; however, if you move somewhere colder, they might need to grow more fur and then shed it during the summertime.  They may also be extremely cold at first, just like you may have to adjust to the new temperatures.  This is after the move occurs.

There are plenty of worries when you are relocating a cat or dog during the actual relocation phase when you are packing up, hauling boxes out and driving them in a car to their new home.  It can be a huge adjustment and some pets take it better than others.

It is always best to get your pet’s health checked out to make certain that they do not have any obvious health issues that could make the move tougher on them.  If your pet has been with you for several years, they may feel extreme anxiety when they notice your routine has changed and that certain things are being packed.  Pets are not foolish when it comes to their ability to sense your emotion, so even your stress can add stress to your pet.  Using a moving company might be most helpful to reduce their stress, since the moving company comes in and packs all in one day.

Jon Huser

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