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Moving from Burbank and Glendale, California

Moving out of the Burkbank area of Glendale, California. According to real estate records, there is little activity in terms of real estate sales in Glendale and Burbank.  Most of the houses and condos have stayed in the lower sales market, meaning that prices have yet to recover.  There are about 118 single-family houses on the market in places like Glendale, which is a decline from the 206 of the year before.  Obviously there has been some activity since this time last year, at a rate of about 50% of the available homes.  Condo sales are much worse, with perhaps 60 sold in the last 12 months.  In Burbank home sales have not seen an improvement either, with 227 available last year and 146 available this year.  This change may indicate that some individuals have had luck in their home sales.

The real estate market can by no means be an indicator of why people are selling.  They may be selling to relocate to a larger or smaller home in the same city.  They may sell because they are embarking on a long distance move to another state or country.  It is always hard to say why someone might be relocating just by looking at the houses available on the market against compared to those available last year.  The information supplied is too incomplete to draw a conclusion, but one thing is for certain.  Anyone undertaking a long distance move out of this area will want to hire moving professionals to help ease the worries and time it takes for a successful move.

Lance Grooms

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