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Military moves for service members

Military moves for service membersOften a military career is filled with changes in address; however, there might come a time when you are able to find a permanent home.  It will take planning, the correct financing, and speaking with the PCS in order to keep your stress level down with any permanent military move you might make.  Entry-level service members tend to move more often than officers and their families, but this does not mean that your military career will be without any military move.

When you do need to make a move, it might be helpful to check out Military Homefront.  This is a new project on the DOD website, which will help with the transition and relocation of service members.  The website and project offer resources to all service members, their families, and other military employees such as those in the DOD.  Moving can be difficult for anyone, but when you have relocated often due to the military it can be helpful to find resources that make it easier. These resources include the funding that Homefront may be able to offer you and your family.

The concept is to make certain that you have the information and resources you need to make a move, whether it is to a smaller or larger base.  When you combine these resources with a moving company that helps you pack, crate and haul your items, your new home will be easier to reach without stressing out.  Service members have it hard with the numerous moves required, so make it simpler.

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