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Miley Cyrus engaged at young age

Miley Cyrus engaged at young ageFinding love can be hard for anyone. When the opportunity presents itself, even to the young, jumping at the opportunity may not be the wrong move.  Miley Cyrus has become engaged to 22-year-old Liam Hemsworth, notable for his role in Hunger Games.  Miley Cyrus, of course, gained fame with Disney and her singing career.  At 19 she has confirmed that she and Hemsworth are officially engaged.  The actor proposed to Cyrus on May 31st, with a 3.5-carat diamond ring from Neil Lane.  The two have been dating for three years; this means they have a steady history, which is important for any marriage.

The couple met during the filming of The Last Song in 2009.  Cyrus stated that Hemsworth was her first serious boyfriend.  What may have fans worried, as well as her father, is the many break-ups they have undergone over the last three years. Then again, this might help them to have a successful marriage.  The media is, of course, happy, but they have some serious worries considering Cyrus’ young age.  There are plenty who feel that she may be too impulsive in this decision.  There have been many young celebs that married young only to break up later on.  Fans will have to watch how their relationship continues and whether they even make it to the wedding before another break up.  Those who believe in love are most likely wishing the young couple all the best to succeed for many years.


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