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Mali military forces creating issues

Mali military forces creating issuesMali has become an issue of late with the uprisings.  Last week’s coup created a problem for civilians, and the US has asked for humanitarians to be cautious.  The US and NATO forces have made it clear they want civilian rulers to be at the helm again.  In a summit of West African ECOWAS, a team of heads of state was sent in with the hope that the issues can be resolved quickly.  There is no easy solution, but as of yet NATO, the EU and US have not made any effort with regards to the military moving into Mali.  It seems that they are trying peace talks to see if they can help the country to end the present issues.

It is not that these countries want to interfere, but they want to protect the civilians that may get caught in between the fighting military-like forces.  The civil war has already displaced many families.  The relocation of these families to a safer region impacts the neighboring countries as well as the lives being spared by the relocation.

Since there is not a standing army with regards to the civilian rulers, it does make it a little harder.  If issues continue there may be military moving in to help stop the situation from becoming any worse.  Where those troops will come from is unknown, but it is most likely to be a foreign aid presence sent in to help restore the peace and protect humanitarians trying to protect civilians.

Lance Grooms

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