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Making your boxes secure

Packing boxesThe title of this article does not mean that you should be locking your packed boxes away for safekeeping, although you do need to keep them secure, but refers to making sure that your boxes stay in one piece and do the job they are supposed to do. Picking up a box that you have just packed with fragile items and then finding out that the bottom of the box is not fastened properly can leave you crying over the fragments of what used to be treasured possessions.

Simply putting a piece of tape onto the bottom of the box does not mean that you have done enough. To ensure that your box is properly secure you should put at least one piece of tape over the seam on the bottom of the box and it is then recommended that you put another piece of tape perpendicular to the seam.

This will ensure that the box will not burst open at the bottom when you or your moving company pick it up. Remember to use strong tape, as flimsy tape will not stand up to the job, particularly if you are going to fill the box with heavy items. This is particularly important if you have simply gathered used boxes from a local store rather than obtaining stronger boxes from your movers. You may need to put more tape on used boxes, as they are unlikely to be as strong.

If the box is to be used for fragile items, ensure that there is a layer of padding at the bottom of the box before you begin.


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