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The days when families simply did not move are long gone; today we really are nomads, with moving home almost being a way of life in itself for a large number of people.  No move is ever going to be completely free from stress, but there are some tips you can follow to reduce anxiety. If you have booked a moving company, it is a good idea to make contact several days before the move in order to be certain that the company has not somehow lost or forgotten your booking.  It also cannot hurt to call the company on the morning of moving day just to be make certain that it is still coming and that your move has not been overlooked. You also need to have made arrangements relating to the disconnection of your telephone on the day after your relocation.  It is a bad idea to disconnect it on moving day itself – many companies will disconnect first thing in the morning, which means that the phone will be dead at the precise time you may need it most in case of emergencies. If you have got to clean the house once the moving company has taken all of your furniture away then make certain that the movers do not pack up and leave with the equipment you will need to do the job.  The day before the relocation you should gather up the related equipment and place it somewhere out of sight.

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