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Mad Cow in California

Mad Cow in CaliforniaCalifornia is suffering from yet another troubling factor.  In recent years, water shortage, mortgage crisis and financial downfall have all affected the state.  Now there is an announcement that a new case of Mad Cow disease is in the US, and it is in California.  This is the first case since 2006.  Health departments stated that the issue was not a threat to the food supply, though.  The infected cow, which is one of four, was found by the Agriculture Department before it was ever processed for meat.  Luckily, this means that there is no reason to be alarmed.

Mad Cow is fatal to cows and can be fatal to humans too.  The WHO has tested cows and also done research in terms of milk.  It has stated that in terms of milk there is no issue, even with an infected animal.  The animal was found through random testing for the disease, which the US has stepped up since the last time the disease was present and because of the 1993 UK issue.

The good news is that the testing is working, since this case has been found and stopped before humans are affected with the food.  When beef is sent out it is not always sold locally, meaning that when food is infected with any issue it can touch the entire nation through shipping it to various stores.  This is the reason that the USDA does random testing to ensure that, as the food moves about, humans are safe no matter where they live or intend to move to.

Lance Grooms

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