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If you have experience moving, you know that not all moving companies are alike. Some move a bit slower than others. Bekins Moving Solutions is a different kind of Henderson moving company. Moving is what we do; it is in our blood. Since 1936, Bekins Moving Solutions has been the movers Henderson residents trust. While we retired the horse and buggy (the horse got a good pension), we have kept the tradition alive. Our Henderson movers promise fast and reliable service, no matter where life takes you.

Bekins Moving Solutions is a Henderson moving company that truly does it all. From providing you with packing supplies, custom crating, professional packing services, and exceptional moving, we take care of every aspect of your move. It is too hot in Henderson to move by yourself. All our workers are background-checked and thoroughly vetted so you have no doubts when choosing us from your results of “moving companies near me” online. We know that when it comes to quality moving companies Henderson citizens don’t accept anything less than professional, so that is what we provide.


International Moving Checklist

If you thought that moving to a new state was stressful, consider moving to an entirely new country. There are a lot of details that go into making a move like this successful. You should begin planning well in advance – some say up to one year before your move date – and ensure a checklist has been created to fully cover all your bases.

  • Ensure your passport is valid (and your family’s)
  • Check to see if you require a visa and put in the application for one as soon as possible
  • Purchase tickets for the trip
  • Research if an international driving license is required
  • If renting a house in a new country, speak with the landlord
  • Sell anything you cannot take with you, such as vehicles, furniture, or property
  • Begin the packing adventure and mark down everything you put into a box before closing it up for good
  • Cancel any subscriptions you may hold at your current address – newspapers, magazines, country clubs, etc.
  • Pay all of your outstanding bills to begin with a clean slate
  • Make the move!


National Moving

Affordable National Moving Services

A full service moving company should be capable of offering national moving services along with their local services. A bit more work goes into a national move, especially considering a large truck will be required to go long distances to bring your furniture and household items to the new location. This means the entire adventure will be a bit more costly. If you’re moving for business, have your new company pay for the relocation where possible.

Saving a bit of money is always vital when going through a move. That is why selecting an affordable moving service is the best option. You should do a bit of research beforehand to find the very best, though Bekins Moving Solutions can save you some time and offer wonderful rates for national moves.

You should start the move off with a budget to ensure you only spend what you can absolutely afford on the move, long distance or not. Be sure to look over the rates for a national move. You can always ask about hidden fees that may be tacked on, but Bekins Moving Solutions will offer an intuitive look at everything you will be charged for beforehand.


Unpacking Services

House Unpacking Services

Most people who hire a professional moving company will have the workers load up their entire home into the truck for the big move. When the time comes to unpack, however, some choose to perform the job themselves with very little help from the moving company. When this option is chosen, some furniture and household goods risk being damaged or improperly unpacked, which can be devastating after such a long move.

If you choose to make use of house unpacking services through Bekins Moving Solutions, you receive a guarantee that all of your items are unloaded and moved directly into your new home by a team of trained movers who are careful with your goods. The heavy lifting can be left to someone who does this for a living, instead of you busting your back trying to shift the couch around with the children in tow. Take some of the stress off yourself and receive help where it is needed.


Cross-Country Moving

Tips for Moving Cross Country Cheaply

If you have just been offered a new role at a big company across the country, chances are quite slim you are actually going to turn the position down. Most people will take that opportunity and run with it. Of course, now that the position has been secured, you need to pack up everything and move across the entire country, which can be costly and hectic.

  • Find out what this new company is willing to pay in relocation costs. This can ease the burden off yourself in some spots.
  • Select the best time to move – you could save quite a bit of money by moving during the off-season.
  • Sell anything you have no intention of using again or that cannot be packed into a box or loaded on a truck.
  • Acquire a few quotes to find the cheapest rates possible when moving across the country.



Frequently Asked Questions

What packing options do you offer?

Moving requires a lot of paper and plastic to accomplish. In the end, you may have a lot of trash and waste to take care of. It almost seems impossible to travel without producing more waste than ever before. Bekins Moving Solutions, however, offers a few eco-friendly and highly sustainable packing options. For example, if you are looking for environmentally friendly moving options, we can offer biodegradable boxes and compostable boxes to pack your items in.

Alternatively, you can use stretch packing for your furniture to ensure the large items do not shift around too much in the truck and become damaged over the long drive. Stretch wrap is a thin material that is made entirely of plastic. This protects the furniture from grease stains, dirt, or even scratches when the truck takes a turn and items shift against each other in the back of the truck.

What happens if the mover does not pick up or deliver my goods according to the dates provided?

According to the contract you may sign before the move commences, the mover is obligated to meet the date provided. This time frame is known as the “reasonable dispatch” requirements. This means that the transportation of your items must occur within a set of scheduled dates, with a little bit of leeway for unforeseen circumstances. These dates will be revealed in full on your order of service and the bill of lading, which you should receive before the truck ever departs from your home.

That being said, some things are simply beyond the control of the driver handling your items in transit. Such instances, including weather or vehicle accidents on the interstate, may cause a significant delay. These instances are what we would consider to be an acceptable reason for delay. Safety is vitally important to Bekins Moving Solutions. The safety of the driver and of the customer is always on our mind.

Will I be compensated if my shipment is not delivered as promised?

If, for one reason or another, your shipment of goods is not delivered as promised on the bill of lading or order of service, you may not be eligible to receive compensation for the delay. In most cases, you may file a claim for the inconvenience or delay with the moving company. You should include all receipts and paperwork you have acquired from the moving company while submitting your claim.

Generally, a contract written up and signed beforehand will protect you in the event of a serious delay or if your items were never delivered. For the most part, this is only a concern for those working with unethical moving companies or those businesses that don’t take pride in their work. At Bekins Moving Solutions, the customer will always come first, and while delays may occur, your items will always make it to their destination.

What am I not allowed to bring with me on my move?

If you are using a moving service to transport all of your goods in a company truck, you should know there are a few specific items and types of items that cannot be transported on the truck. These items tend to be hazardous in nature and could potentially cause damages to your items and to those working with them during the move.

These items include anything explosive, flammable, or generally considered corrosive. Some examples include…

  • Acids
  • Ammonia
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Gasoline
  • Kerosene
  • SCUBA tanks
  • Weed killer
  • Motor oil
  • Fertilizer
  • Paint thinner
  • Nail polish remover
  • Charcoal
  • Car batteries

These are just a few select items you will not be allowed to pack in the moving truck. If you do need to transport any of these items or other flammable/explosive goods, consider another option in order to transport them. There are safe storage options for such items, or you can dispose of them properly and purchase new items at the new location.


Moving Resources

Henderson, NV Moving Resources

Henderson is the second largest city in Nevada, and one of the safest in the country. The city was given life by the building of its Basic Magnesium Plant that was used to provide this precious metal during World War II. Now Henderson is a hustling and bustling city full of great shopping, restaurants, and casino resorts! Bekins Moving Solutions is proud to serve Henderson with full service moving!

When you are transitioning in or out of Henderson, call Bekins Moving Solutions! Dial (877) 594-1187. We are happy to assist you in getting settled in your new home.


A Bekins Moving Solutions agent will be e-mailing you a quote in 24 hours or less