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Letting Go of Your Old Life

How to Let go of Your Old LifeOne of the most important aspects of any move is the need to bring closure to your old life. Now, this doesn’t mean moving out of an area never to speak to anyone you’ve ever had a relationship with, but it does mean you need to make new attachments in the new city.

Bringing closure to your life after a move, doesn’t have to be sad or stressful. In fact, there are a number of fun ways to acclimate to your new neighborhood and life. We’ve put together a list of tasks that may help you gain closure from any relocation, so it might be worth keeping these in mind when you make your next move.

• Take a drive with the family and visit all your old favorite haunts. Take plenty of pictures, or even a video, and maybe even enjoy a picnic.
• Throw a going away party before you move. This is a great way for you as well as the kids to say good-bye to friends in the area.
• Make up a “moving basket” with fun things packed in and yummy snacks that will help make the trip between the old house and the new lots of fun. Now is a good time to start making new memories.
Before you move out of the house for good, walk through it with the family and make note of memorable spots. Take a photos to make the memories last.
• Don’t linger! It’s best to get everyone out of the house and start the move right away.

Jon Huser

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