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Juneteenth Day is a holiday of heritage and freedom

Juneteenth Day is a holiday of heritage and freedomJuneteenth is a relatively new holiday that is not considered a nationally celebrated holiday yet.  More and more states are beginning to hold festivals for Juneteenth Day though, so it may soon have national recognition.  The holiday is a tribute to African Americans.  It is about their freedom and heritage, which was earned through numerous hardships.  It was not enough for slavery to end because there was still the inequality that lasted through to the 50s.  This festival, which has become an annual celebration in numerous places, marks the day that freedom was gained for African Americans.  It is considered the African American Independence Day.  Memphis, Tennessee is holding the 19th Annual Juneteenth Festival, with plenty of new activities.

For those who are thinking of moving into the area, it can be a great time to explore the city, see one of its festivals, and enjoy a weekend away from home.  On a short visit to Memphis to test out your idea of moving there, you might want to enjoy the carnival, petting zoo, fashion show, and much more.  You may also take this weekend as your opportunity to complete your relocation to a new place.  If you are relocating this weekend, just keep an eye out for some of the street festivals in cities like Memphis that might cause traffic issues.  You might find it is far better to park your moving van and join in rather than missing out on the fun.

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