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Jessica Simpson to join Weight Watchers

Jessica Simpson to join Weight WatchersThere are quite a few programs out there for weight loss.  For most of us joining a weight loss company means carving out the extra funds, but for Jessica Simpson all she needs to do is decide which company will be the best for her to lose weight after her pregnancy.  Some new celebrity mothers decide to work with personal trainers or keep their weight loss secrets to themselves.  Jessica Simpson has decided to announce that she will use Weight Watchers to help her lose the baby weight.  She confirmed this on Twitter just yesterday.

Weight Watchers will certainly provide a fee for the endorsement the new mother will provide.  There is speculation that her endorsement will earn her $3 to $4 million.  Weight Watchers stated that it was talking with Simpson about an endorsement before she was even pregnant.  It also announced that it is thrilled to have her as a part of its program.  Jennifer Hudson is one big name that went with a diet program last year, losing 80 pounds during the Weight Watchers endorsement.  They are also hoping that Jessica Simpson’s endorsement will help boost sales.

It was stated that Simpson would probably not start the program until September.  Her doctors feel she will be ready to start the program then and be in the right mental mind frame to take on the weight loss regime that will be part of her Weight Watchers endorsement.  Anyone who needs to lose weight has to be prepared both mentally and physically to start losing weight.

Jon Huser

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