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Iranian exiles camp set up in Iraq

Iranian exiles camp set up in IraqThe UN has welcomed the relocation of 400 Iranians to Iraq.  A new center has been created in the country and it is said to be a step towards the future for Iranian exiles.  The relocation process was rather long as it meant that 400 people would need to move.  The UN was rather happy that all 400 did volunteer for the move, making it easier to get the camp set up with the refugees.

The process started with verification and status determinations to ensure that all those who volunteered were eligible to relocate to the new camp.  The process is in line with the memorandum signed in December by the UK and the Iraqi Government.  The Special Representative for Iraq commended the residents who volunteered to move to Camp Hurriya.

The representative further stated that it is a first step towards a better future for these individuals.  The spokesperson looks forward to the continued cooperation of all 400 residents and hopes to have the relocation completed without any delays.  They are going to ensure a safe and secure move for all 400.  Safety and security was provided for the first group that has already moved.  The move is guaranteeing that human rights, welfare, and safety are all accounted for during the process.  The representative has urged that the Member States confirm those ready and willing to move as quickly as possible so that these individuals can settle into their new lives.

Jon Huser

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