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Iran supposedly cleaning up nuclear weapon area

Iran supposedly cleaning up nuclear weapon areaSatellite pictures have been released to show that the Iranian military is focusing on cleaning up the nuclear weapon area.  The pictures showed the demolition of two buildings that were suspected of being nuclear facilities.

The move and the release of the satellite images are supposed to strengthen the UN’s opinion.  The UN has suspected for quite some time that Iran has nuclear weapons.  The downside is that US troops are unable to get in there to conduct military moves around the facility to prove that things are still going on.  The UN definitely feels that there is still secret work going on and that the satellite images are meant to make the UN and NATO allies feel that things are being taken care of rather than that things are still continuing.

The satellite that is taking the pictures is based in Washington as part of an international security institute.  The military move towards Iran may happen if the UN is unsatisfied with talks or the images it has recently seen.  In fact Israel is hot to go in, which is why the UN has been speaking with Israel power players and keeping the military on the ready in the event that troops need to move into Iran to support Israel.  Israel is not afraid to attack the secret base to make certain that nothing is going on.  It has done so in the past with other facilities.  It is not a surprise that the leaders are getting a little antsy to go in.

Jon Huser

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