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Identity Theft Common during Relocation

Identity Theft RelocationIf you are planning on relocating anytime soon, you need to be aware that identity theft is actually more likely when you move to a new home.  During a move, you are particularly susceptible to identity theft, unfortunately.  So, on top of having to pack your belongings and coordinate with the moving company, you also have to safeguard yourself from identity thieves.

Although it may be impossible to prevent identity theft completely, there are ways to increase your awareness and protect yourself.  There are actually some simple steps you can take that will minimize your risk of falling victim to such fraudsters.  These precautions can actually help you before, during, and even after your move.  Here are our top ten:

  1. Write everything down and keep track of the mail you receive routinely. Verify all of your mail after your move.
  2. Make sure you change your address with all of your accounts.
  3. Switch to online statements.
  4. Submit the change of address form through the USPS.
  5. Shred any sensitive document that won’t move with you.  Shred anything with your address.
  6. Research your moving company thoroughly.
  7. Stay at your house during the entire move.  This will prevent any unscrupulous movers
  8. Transport sensitive documents in a locked box.
  9. Lock your computers and move them yourself. You may also want to keep sensitive items in a room that movers do not have access to.
  10. Pay close attention to your bank and credit card statement.

– Lance Grooms

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