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How to store classic cars

How to store classic carsThere are a number of tips for people who want to put classic cars into long-term storage.  One of the most important tips is to make certain that the car’s gas is empty.  Storage facilities will not allow gasoline to be present in any manor, plus the gasoline will get “old” and could cause issues when you want to start you vehicle

You should use an additive such as Dry Gas and ensure that it has been mixed very well.  Run the vehicle for a time in order to make certain that it is inside the whole of the fuel system.  Anti-freeze should be topped off in the radiator, and not just if the temperature is actually freezing when you put the vehicle into storage.  A lot of the more modern coolants come with superb corrosion inhibitors that help to protect the cooling system of your classic car.  It is acceptable to use a 50% mix of water and anti-freeze, and you should again make a point to remember to run the vehicle so that it is spread throughout the entirety of the system.

The engine oil should also be changed.  Dirty oil comes with contaminants, such as water and acids, which can result in premature bearing failure and cause rust within the engine itself.  If the car is being put into storage for quite some time then the spark plugs should be removed and the cylinders liberally squirted with some variety of upper circuit lubricant before replacing the plugs; this prevents the piston rings from rusting onto the walls of the cylinder.


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